As a Minnesotan, I am a fool for not having a snow blower. As a renter, I’m totally justified in thinking that it’s a bad investment to get something so big and expensive and hauling it from place to place.

With this current winter, I was really considering just getting one and dealing with the burden of hauling it around. Instead, I decided to look up if there was anything smaller. Enter the strange offspring of an upright vacuum and a full size snow blower: THE POWER SHOVEL!


This is the model I got because I like the idea that it has both a rechargeable battery option as well as a plug-in feature, but I’ve seen a bunch online that are pretty similar both in size and quality. This was $189 for me since I bought a refurbished model and I applied a new customer discount to my order, and so far it’s totally worth it. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s sold out on the Snow Joe website right now. I’m going to assume a bit of googling will find it other places.

Today was a sunny warmish day out (around 27F), so during work breaks, I threw on my windbreaker and decided to do some cleanup! We have a downstairs neighbor whose turn it was to clear during the last snow, but he missed a couple of spots and the walkway to the curb was completely plowed over by the street plows. It took about 10 minutes for me to dig out this little walkway, which also had chunks of ice in it.

Not perfect, but at least it’s walkable again! While I was out doing a little spot clearing, the next door neighbor stopped to ask me about the shovel. After using it a few times, she was so impressed, she waved over another neighbor and asked me to do a demonstration for them.


The real test was our driveway in the back, which hasn’t been cleared in at least two heavy snowfalls, so it was easily about a foot deep and our trash cans were completely buried. I decided to see how long it would take to run down a single battery charge, and how much I could clear in that time. It took about 45 minutes, and while not completely spotless yet ( I am a perfectionist), I think our driveway qualifies as a parking space again! Here’s a before and after of what I managed to do in that time.


This weekend we’re expecting more snow, somewhere around another 6+” possible depending on how the weather pattern moves. I’m still gonna whine about snow removal, but at least this time we’ll get it done in a fraction of the time and with much less effort! Thanks, weird baby snow thrower!

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