Last week was hard and I’m here to whine about it.

So last Sunday, after attending a 5-hour long political retreat/brainstorming meeting and seeing my person, I drove home and my car died. Granted, this car was one that I’ve been meaning to put out to pasture for a long time now because it was purchased as a temporary beater until I could get something else, but any time a car breaks down is a pain in the ass. The repairs would have easily cost me 5x as much as I paid for the car itself, so I decided to just say goodbye and collect whatever cash I could for scrapping it.


So I’ve pretty much been a shut-in for the past week. Thank goodness I have the ability to work from home! I started the car shopping process, utilized some pretty generous corporate discounts, and found something I’m happy with. Unfortunately, since I’m also in a Ch13 due to all of the complicated family stuff most of you know about, it wasn’t as straightforward a process as, “see car, test drive, set up financing, buy car”. So I’ve been waiting on emails and calls between my trustee and the dealership to get all of the details ironed out before I even see the car.

But then late Tuesday night I started getting the first signs of a UTI. Popped a couple of antibiotics I had on hand (from the last time I had what was suspected to be a UTI but turned out to be my egg sized ovary shoving into my bladder) and hoped it’d be gone by the morning. Nope, felt like total garbage. Two hours into work, I sent an email to my bosses apologizing for tapping out.


Now it’s important to note here that since my car died and I now have to buy a new one, I’ve been pushing myself hard and working extra long hours to build up that overtime bonus we get from working during the busiest time of year. So I had already banked close to 9 hours of OT by Tuesday. Unfortunately, if you miss any time during the week, that overtime just becomes regular time and therefore means no time and a half pay. In essence, I just saved myself 9 hours of PTO. Goodbye, bonus pay for the week.

But it was baaaad. I had chills so bad that even getting up to get water was a feat. I had my antibiotics, and Advil was helping, and I promised myself that if it wasn’t over by the next morning I’d call a Lyft to urgent care. Luckily it never got to that point, and the fever broke overnight. Unfortunately, I was also so ill the day before that I woke up incredibly dehydrated. Texted my boss an update and she told me not to push myself, so I basically just slept and lived off fluids for the rest of the day.


Friday rolls around and I’m fine! Everything is back to normal, I worked extra hours to make up for disappearing mid-week. But then once evening hit, I got hit with a raging headache. Possibly residual dehydration, possibly tension headache from sleeping so much, possibly due to the air pressure coming in from the storm causing my sinuses to basically go into panic mode. All I know was that my head felt like a fingertip that had dental floss wrapped too tightly around it.

This continued on into yesterday, where I half-assed cleaned my apartment until I couldn’t take it any longer. GC, my peach, showed up at my doorstep with both Sudafed and a bouquet of flowers and took me to dinner. Then he drove me to the pharmacy this morning, where they have been impatiently texting my phone all week reminding me that I needed to pick up prescriptions.


I still have a mild headache, but nothing so agonizing that I can’t function. But what a week. What. A. Week.*

Sunday is a reset, right?

*I realize that in many ways I am very privileged to be in a position where I can afford to buy a car on short notice, work from home, afford a car service when necessary, and have a really lovely support system that cares about my health.

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