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I feel like I should show people this video every time someone needs to make a "gonna take up a second profession, eh?" snide comment about me taking pole dance classes (and so what if I do take up exotic dancing, prudes?). This woman is a powerhouse! Check out those muscles!

Anyone else suffer from not quite PMDD but still feeling all levels of shit during their period? Usually on the first day, but not always, my body basically feels like it's eating itself alive and Ibuprofen and chocolate don't quite cut it. I can still perform at my job, but it feels like I'm doing everything at the

It is fucking COLD outside, like the high expected today is still well below zero cold. So instead of being a responsible adult and forging ahead with grocery shopping, I ordered a pizza. Now tell me, am I the only person who feels the need to put on somewhat presentable clothes for the delivery person in fear of