Peter Liang. Daniel Holtzclaw. The unnamed cop who executed Philando Castile. There’s blood on our hands, fellow Asian Americans, and it’s time to repent. Stop pretending the epidemic of the Black murders in the streets have nothing to do with us, you know there is systemic racism and bigotry also deeply rooted in many Asian American communities. You know your fellow Asian Americans have bought into the idea of American Dream so much that they have sold out and stepped over other people of color to get a seat closer to the table.

Every time an AAPI cop has murdered or violated another victim of color we have either remained silent or cried scapegoat, because they will get slightly more punishment than their white counterparts. WE ARE FOCUSING ON THE WRONG THING HERE. STOP PRETENDING THIS ISN’T OUR PROBLEM, TOO. Why are so many of my AAPI brothers so hair triggered that they are killing Black men and raping Black women? Why are we not focusing on our problems with cultural misogyny and bigotry, choosing instead to shift the blame off of ourselves in order to retain some “model minority” status?


We have failed our communities, Asian Americans. We get upset when we’re whitewashed in Hollywood, but we are totally willing to play along when the white supremacist culture we have bought into gives us the tiniest bit of power or autonomy. We haven’t graduated to whiteness, we’ve just ruined other communities in hopes of attaining a crumb of power.

Stop buying in, this system isn’t set up for us either. This system was built to exploit us and have us do the dirty work of destroying other people of color. Until we recognize that we are just as complicit here, until we stop abusing fellow non white communities, we have no right to feel entitled to more.

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