So this happened today. 40mg is way too much! I came home with full intention to sit down and relax for a bit before I picked up a bit around the house. NOPE! I picked up a bit in the kitchen, and kept going, and going, going. My kitchen is now clean, as is my dining area, as is my bedroom, as is my living room, as is the shelf by my doorway that is always covered in mail. I looked at the clock and all of 45 minutes had passed. I don’t have much to clean, but that was a lot of tidying in 45 minutes!


For safety’s sake, I decided to track my calories just to make sure I wasn’t staying dangerously low. Well, I’m trying not to at least. I made it past 900 calories today, so that’s something. At least I ate something that wasn’t a smoothie! I’ve also been keeping up the vitamins and water, so hopefully that compensates a bit.

I’m looking forward to going back down to 30mg tomorrow and maybe maintaining normalcy. And I get to do it in my clean(ish) apartment, so yay!

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